The Whangarei Heads peninsula and its surrounding waters are  rich in biodiversity. The area contains one of only five Kiwi sanctuaries in New Zealand and the offshore islands are marine reserves.

From the Guesthouse you will most likely watch pods of dolphins or Orca passing by and at night you will hear the call of Kiwi birds close by and may even encounter one wandering on the lawn.  The area is lush in native forest rich in bird live and the biodiversity of the peninsula is regarded as one of the most outstanding in New Zealand. The owners of the property are active in local conservation and have planted over 40,000 trees on the property raised in the Lodges own plant nursery. For those who appreciate natural surroundings this is a very special place.

Conservation Initiatives

The Guesthouse is committed to responsible and sustainable tourism in order to preserve our outstanding natural heritage. We operate a number of conservation and environmental initiatives including our native tree raising and planting programme which assists our guests in offsetting their travel related carbon emissions.